Planning & Designing Your Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a practical and convenient option for people who have limited space for a garden. It is a great idea for an apartment that does not have a balcony. This gardening option is something that you can explore especially if you are a novice or beginner in gardening. With this, you can turn your little corner inside the house into a flourishing spot filled with appealing plants. In this article, you will learn more of the tips on how to plan and design your own indoor garden fitted for your home.

As you plan for an indoor garden design, make sure that you consider all possible factors and options. You must decide on the kind of plants you want to plant and grow for your indoor garden. The next thing to do is to pick a better location where the plants are to be planted. Make sure that the location will give enough exposure of sunlight to the plants. In case you choose plants that need shade instead of sunlight, you can choose a location under the windowsill. With this, the plants will be protected from the sun.

The area of the indoor garden must be properly secured off. This means that nothing will go inside and outside of the garden to maintain cleanliness and neatness of the environment. A proper drainage of the water is also important for an indoor garden. It is a fact that all plants need water but you have to ensure that excess water coming from the soil of the plants is properly drained. This is to avoid messing up the entire surroundings.

Among the indoor gardening ideas that you can try are the herb garden, flower garden, vegetable garden, and cactus garden. An herb garden surely looks prettier in home interior. Those lush green herbs, when combined with the enticing aroma of the air, give exquisite flavor and sense of peace to the surroundings of the house. If you do not want those herb plants on the ground, you can choose to hang them instead as garden planters. The herb options that can you can choose for your plants are curry leaves, thyme, coriander, and more.

A miniature flower garden can be achieved even if you do not have a full-fledged landscape for your flower plants. This type of indoor garden is great if you choose flowers that bloom in different colors such as orchids, gerbera daisies, and roses. Such flowers will surely look stunning in your indoor garden especially if their colors compliment well with the contrasting colors of the walls.

A vegetable garden is a popular, very useful, and practical indoor gardening idea. It is usually done as container gardening but you can always plant vegetables directly to the ground if you have an allotted corner or balcony in the house. Tomatoes and chilies are good options for your vegetable garden. If possible, avoid tubers and roots for your indoor garden, as this may get quite messy.

A cactus garden is an eccentric yet fabulous indoor gardening idea. You can plant different varieties of cactus plants in this garden and combine it with other colorful accessories. Since cactus plants are hard, you do not have to worry much about taking care of them or watering them. These plants normally take care and water themselves.

Other best indoor garden plants that you can prefer are Philodendrons, Ferns, Poinsettias, Mother-in-laws Tongue, Peace Lilies, Moth Orchid, Snapdragons, Lady Palm, and many more.